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BPI "Phoenix" antifragmentation suit

BPI "Phoenix" as a light antifragmentation raid type suit is designed to protect special team officers from initial and secondary splinters at velocity level of 270 m/s.

BPI "Phoenix" can be additionally armour reinforced using particular pockets on the jacket in elbow and backbone areas and those on the trousers in knee joint areas. Front section of the jacket has pockets where BPP-M3 steel armour plates can be installed to protect against rifle and assault rifle bullets. This suit can be used in combination with BPI "Maximus" bullet proof vest. Total protection surface of the suit – 2,6 m2. Weight of the suit is up to 6 kg.

The set consists of a full sleeve jacket zipper closed at front, trousers, two sets of thermal underwear (moisture removing and heat conserving).

Upper part of the suit is made of a flame retardant fabric able to withstand open fire for 15 seconds.
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