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BPI "Chasseur" CS & MCS vests

These models are export modifications of "Chasseur" vest range and designed to protect law enforcement officers, policemen on patrol and point-duty and collectors. Traditionally high bullet resistance, ergonomics and protection surface of BPI body armour are obtained due to combination of adequate technology and novel materials what finally brings production costs down. "Chasseur" CS and "Chasseur" MCS vests are mostly used for overt wear. Particular ballistic materials employed to produce soft armour for these vests ensure protection to threat levels II – IIIA per NIJ 0101.04 while application of a variety of additional elements (collars, groin and side protectors) makes for larger protection surface and function upgrade. The vest is made using BPC and BTI fabric armour and unique BP-M3 steel armour plates which in conjunction with soft armour raize protection capability well over threat level III of NIJ 0101.04.

Total protection area – from 25 to 50 dm2, enforced – from 7,7 to 15,4 dm2. Weight of the soft vest – 3,5 kg, vest with hard armour plate - 6,7 kg.

Outer cover is made of high strength Cordura fabric in khaki, grey, green, blue, black and camouflage colors. The vest can be equipped with either removable or non-removable pockets for radio, documents, handcuffs as well as holsters for various handguns.
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