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BPI "Maximus" assault vest

The vest is developed using advanced technologies in the area of personal body armour. Optimized shape of armour elements and outer cover with special shock-absorbing and ventilation system provide for excellent functional properties of "Maximus" and freedom of active motions of personnel under circumstances where vehicles are involved and actions take place within congested surroundings. High performance BPF+BPM fabric armour is optimized for protection against bullets of Tokarev TT and PSM handguns and high speed fragmentation while BPP-M1 steel armour panels ensure front and back protection against not only hard core steel bullets of Kalashnikov AKM, AK-74 assault rifles and mild steel core bullets of Dragunov SVD sniper rifle but against high hardness tungsten carbide core bullets as well.

The vest is equipped with a removable groin flap and two-section collar protecting against 9 mm caliber bullets of handguns and submachine-guns. Straps are stitched to front and back sections of the vest and to groin protector as attachment arrangements for tactical vest elements.

Outer cover is made of high strength Cordura fabric in camo or black colours.
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