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Floating bullet proof vest BPI "Viking"

This floating bullet proof vest is designed for special team officers performing combat operations in aquatic environment. The outer cover of the vest is made of high performance "Cordura" fabric. Vest’s straps and side elements contain soft armour with positive buoyancy. Specially designed adjustment system allows for easy fitting to user size.

The vest is equipped with floating part and front section. This front section contains soft and steel armour elements.
Soft armour ensures ballistic protection against:
• 9 mm FMJ PARA bullets for "Uzi" submachine gun, m=8 g, V0=390 m/s, during the shooting not closer than 50 mm to the soft armour’s edges.

Protection level of the front section is up to III per NIJ 0101.04.
Total protection surface of the soft armour (for 1st typesize) is 25 dm2. Weight of the vest in full integration (for 2nd typesize) is up to 9 kg. The vest has a working load over 6 kg.
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