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BPI "Neo" bullet proof vest

BPI "Neo" Light undershirt vest ensuring maximum secrecy of wear and high efficiency protection against 9 mm pistol and submachine-gun bullets (APS, Uzi, MP-5).

The vest is embodied as a sleeveless sports shirt, it does not impede natural body ventilation, and having no unmasking features it provides for maximum secrecy of wear. Due to application of advanced ballistic materials the vest has no match among vests produced in the world in terms of balance of bullet resistance, weight and protection surface. The latest version of this model is given an improved fixation system with four side Velcro fasteners and waist cord coulisse. Soft armour layers used are BPI BPF or BPI BPT.

Protection surface – 30 dm2. Weight – 1,3 kg. Outer cover is made of mesh type knitted fabric in white, beige, dark blue or black color.
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